User defined event in removed in latest SNMP++ version

User defined event module is removed in latest snmp++ 3.2.21 higher. But I’m using this module in snmp++ 2.8. Currently i m migrating the code from V2 to V3 and blocked because of this missing module. Kindly advice.


at that time I thought that nobody was using the user defined events/timeouts and that they are of no use within the library…

I think there are two options. Either you could try to find a replacement for the two removed classes, or the two classes could be re-added to snmp++. If I did not miss anything, the two classes do not need the X11 code that was also removed with these classes and the code within the event list did not change.

As I’m going on vacation, I did not test this further, but uploaded the 4 patches that removed the code to

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Thanks a lot for the patch , Jochen

Now, we are able to progress with provided patch
Thank a lot for timely response.