When different OIDs of the same table have different indexes, What do gettable method will return in snmp4j?

Form the image,I use snmpwalk to query two oid and,they are both in one table.but I find that the last number(1617) is missing.In the same table, different OIDs have different index values. Is there a problem with the data in this table?or is this a normal phenomenon?
What do gettable method will return in snmp4j ?Does it return nothing by timeout or result a table but some field with empty string?


If it is normal or not, depends on the corresponding MIB specification. This kind of table is called a sparse table.
If you use the getTable methods that support sparse tables. You can specify the mode to retrieve tables which results in different retrieval optimisations for sparse vs. dense tables.

No matter sparse vs. dense tables mode I use, will the result be the same? What is the default mode If I don’t specify the table mode?