Why can I only query five OIDs using snmp4j TableUtils?

From the mib or website I know that the table have 21 columns,but when I use snmp4j to query the table,I can only query five oids.If I add another oid,the result will be null.What’s the problem?How to fix it?The snmp4j version is 2.8.7. The code is here:

Snmp snmp = SnmpComunication.getSession(1);
Target target = SnmpComunication.getSnmpTarget(snmp, snmpTarget);
TableUtils tableUtils = new TableUtils(snmp, new DefaultPDUFactory(PDU.GET));
OID[] columns = new OID[oids.size()];
for (int i = 0; i < oids.size(); i++) {
columns[i] = new OID(oids.get(i));
List events = tableUtils.getTable(target, columns, null, null);


That is most likely a bug in the agent. What is the error status the agent returns (if any)?

  • If the agent does not return a error status, then it is a bug of the agent (as work around you can still proceed in many cases with the below workaround)
  • If it returns tooBig error, then you will not be able to request more than 5 columns with a single PDU. Then use TableUtils.setMaxNumColumnsPerPDU to limit the number of columns in a single PDU to 5.

If it is a bug of the agen,how to fix it,please?

List events = tableUtils.getTable(target, columns, null, null);
I try to print the result, the events result is []

Do you have the source of the agent? Which framework are you using?