Why do I get hexString using SNMP4J while get String value using net-snmp?

I have using net-snmp to search the data ,and it show the data type is String.But when I use SNMP4J to get the value,it return hexString 07:e5:08:17:0f:31:0b:00:2b:08:00.How to change it to String?

Use getValue() instead of toString() when evaluating the return value. By using toString() (without MIB format information) the value of OCTET STRING is converted to hex representation if it contains non-printable characters.
The best option is to use MIB based value formatting with SNMP4J-SMI-PRO because it provides best control and uses the formatting the MIB authors recommend.

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I can not find the getValue() method in SNMP4J 2.5.6. I only find toString or toValueString method.Can you tell which version has getValue() method?
List<VariableBinding[]> vbList = SnmpOidUtils.getTableOid(***);
VariableBinding[] arrVb = vbList .get(0);
System.out.println(arrVb[0] .getVariable().toString());

I think there is already a thread with all details available in this forum. If you cast the Variable to OctetString you get the getValue method.

Can you show me the link ,please? I can not know which thread you mentioned?