Why target's timeout property do not work on gettable?How to set gettable timeout?

	         DefaultPDUFactory defaultPDUFactory =  new DefaultPDUFactory(PDU.GETBULK); 
			tableUtils = new TableUtils(snmp, defaultPDUFactory);
				List<VariableBinding[]> resultList=new ArrayList<>();
				OID[] columns = new OID[oids.size()];
				for (int i = 0; i < oids.size(); i++) {
					columns[i] = new OID(oids.get(i));
				List<TableEvent> events = tableUtils.getTable(target, columns, null, null);

I have set the target timeout property,but it seems not work.How to set gettable timeout?

What is your expectation? Or in other words, why do you think the timeout is not working?

I have set time target timeout 1000( 1 seconds).But the query result is more than 8 seconds to get the result.

The Target timeout applies per send PDU. The TableUtils class is supposed to send many PDUs to the target. That means, setting the Target timeout does not have any affect on the total maximum time until a synchronous call will respond.

You can use the asynchronous getTable method with callback to control the total timeout yourself.

How can I find the asynchronous getTable method example?