AgenPro 5.0 to be released end of 2020

I am pleased to announce that AgenPro 5.0 will be released by end of this year. Besides many improvement in detail the following major enhancement will be available:

  1. A auto-preview of the code generation job with a diff view per generated file that shows in a dry-run how a (re-)generation of the code will look like.
  2. A mapping of user code IDs to ease refactoring when, for example, an OBJECT-TYPE has been renamed to reassign the existing user code to the new object generated.
  3. cmake support for AGENT++ code generation.
  4. New look&feels…
  5. and many usability improvements…

Preview Screenshots:

Meanwhile AgenPro 5.0.0 has been released: AgenPro 5.0.0 Release