Imports from IPV6-TC unknown

SMI-PRO compilation of the MIB gives the below error

The imported MIB module IPV6-TC is unknown
Unresolved syntax reference Ipv6Address at line

Is IPV6-TC obsolete?
We would like to import Ipv6Address from the currently supported SNMP4J MIB module imports.

Question 2: Also, have a lot of mib compilation errors for objects not being included in OBJECT-GROUP macro.
Is this OBJECT-GROUP inclusion mandatory for compilation using SMI-PRO (1.8.0)

Error: The object definition must be included in OBJECT-GROUP or NOTIFICATION-GROUP

Is this mandatory inclusion of MACRO fixed in higher versions of SMI-PRO?

That object group error is unfortunately common. Nevertheless all MIB specifications having such an error violate the SMIv2 standard and must be fixed (often a newer, fixed version is already available and just need to be downloaded).
See also:

To make it very clear: This is not a bug/error in AgenPro or SNMP4J-SMI-PRO or any other SNMP tool, the bug is in the MIB module (thus in its specification document)

To work around this issue temporarily you may activate the lenient compile mode in SNMP4J-SMI-PRO but this could cause other errors down the stream because important and mandatory MIB information will not be found and you then may get NullPointerExceptions later when accessing the MIB data.

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Yes, IPV6-TC is obsolete. Please use TRANSPORT-ADDRESS-MIB instead as defined by RFC 3419:

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Appreciate the helpā€¦Frank.

We would like to import Ipv6Address from any valid MIB module imports that SNMP4J supports. TRANSPORT-ADDRESS-MIB does have the definition for Ipv6Address.
Please help us with the correct module.

Ipv6Address is not defined in TRANSPORT-ADDRESS-MIB.

Have got the errors below:
The imported MIB module TRANSPORT-ADDRESS-MIB is unknown
Unresolved syntax reference Ipv6Address

Thanks in Advanceā€¦for the pointers to import Ipv6Address

Please read the RFC 3419 (for the link see my reply above) and you will get the answer to your question.
In short words, Ipv6Address does not work. It has to be replaced by TDomain and TAddress from SNMPv2-TC.

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